Meetings And Rides

Are you ready for a ride with some food?

The Officers and Board Members have decided to do a ride to eat (RTE) with social distancing in mind. Therefore we have decided that on May 30th at 11:00am we will meet in Cassville, MO. You can order your food and we will sit outside and eat. Afterwards there will be a short meeting to inform everyone as to what is going on in your club.

There is a red food truck, Cr-ose Cafe on Wheels, that is parked on  Hwy. 112/76 at Holman Road; it is across from the Thrift shop and on the American Legions grounds, and Cassville South Park.

Do not confuse this with the Cr-ose Cafe brick and mortar that is on Main st.

Hope to see you all there.